Welcome to Starzky’s Party Venue!

Having a party at home may seem like a great idea, until the cake burns, the banner won’t stay up and you realise that the dogs don’t like being locked away because they have broken the door down twice! Starzky’s Party venue is a venue that has a home-like feeling with all the amenities to make your party a relaxing and fun day! Host your child’s birthday, best friends’ baby shower or even your grandparent’s 30th wedding anniversary lunch! With Starzky’s Parties we make sure your party is friendly, fun and family orientated!

About Starzky’s Parties

From our beautiful gardens to our half soccer pitch, we cater for all occasions and will ensure that your event is memorable – for the right reasons! Boasting in-house catering, jumping castles and party entertainment, you won’t need to look further than our complete party packages, taking the pain out of party planning. Booking with Starzky’s is simple and easy using our comprehensive online forms.
We hope you enjoy your party at Starzky’s Parties, Where we make your party one to remember!